Where we are? [ING] | Genoa Tango Marathon

Where we are?

The port of Genoa

“Galata Museo del Mare”
Calata De Mari, 1
16126 Genova [IT] www.galatamuseodelmare.it

The Lantern is the lighthouse and the cargo port of Genoa, is the symbol of the city. Many boats have found the right way to enter the port due to her important guidance due to the fact that they followed its light. It is a complex located in front of the lantern and still used to carry out work related to trade and in particular the famous “camalli”, so called by the Genoese “camallare” because they spend their lives to upload and download large amounts of goods (with this link you can see an episode of “greasy and greasy” dedicated to Genoa, its cuisine and above all … to camalli!). The room is very large and you can dance comfortably. Available hundreds of chairs and tables. The floor is important for us ….
The place is located 1 Km from the motorway exit “Genova Ovest” and 200 meters from “Piazza Principe” station.


La Lanterna