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Genoa Cathedral

Genoa Cathedral (Italian: Duomo di GenovaCattedrale di San Lorenzo) is a Roman Catholic cathedral in the Italian city of Genoa. It is dedicated to Saint Lawrence (San Lorenzo), and is the seat of the Archbishop of Genoa. The cathedral was consecrated by Pope Gelasius II in 1118 and was built between the twelfth century and the fourteenth century as fundamentally a medieval building, with some later additions. Secondary naves and side covers are of Romanesque style and the main facade is Gothic from the early thirteenth century, while capitals and columns with interior corridors date from the early fourteenth century. The bell tower and dome were built in the sixteenth century.

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 Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena

La chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena e San Gerolamo Emiliani, conosciuta semplicemente come chiesa della Maddalena, è un edificio religioso situato nell’omonima piazza del centro storico di Genova; la chiesa dà il nome al quartiere della Maddalena.

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Basilica della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato

The Basilica della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato is a Catholic cathedral in Genoa, northern Italy; its decoration employed the major baroque studios and artists in Genoa in the 17th century. It is named Vastato because the area where it was built was outside the walls of the city, in an area where houses had been demolished (devastated) for defensive reasons. In Latin, vastinium referred to a safety belt within the protective bastions.

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Chiesa di San Pietro in Banchi

La chiesa di San Pietro in Banchi è un edificio religioso del centro storico di Genova, situata in piazza Banchi, nel quartiere del Molo. L’edificio è intitolato a Maria Immacolata.

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San Torpete

San Torpete is a church in central Genoa, northern Italy, dedicated to Saint Torpes. It was founded in the 11th century by local merchants. It was rebuilt in 1730 under designs conceived by Giovanni Antonio Ricca.

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Santa Maria di Castello

Santa Maria di Castello is a church and religious complex in Genoa, Italy. Administrated for a long time by the Dominicans, it is located in the Castello hill of the city, where in the Middle Ages a bishop’s fortified castle existed. The church is flanked by the large Tower of the Embriaci.

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Chiesa del Gesù e dei Santi Ambrogio e Andrea

La chiesa del Gesù di Genova (o, più precisamente, chiesa dei Santi Ambrogio e Andrea) è situata nel centro della città, in piazza Matteotti, adiacente a piazza De Ferrari.

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San Donato

San Donato is a church in Genoa, Northern Italy. It dates from the 12th century and is in Romanesque style. It became a parish under archbishop Siro il Porcello, and was consecrated on May 1, 1189.

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Santa Maria delle Vigne

Santa Maria delle Vigne is a Roman Catholic basilica church in Genoa, northern Italy. It is known from the 10th century. The main altar was completed in 1730 by Giacomo Antonio Ponsonelli. The church is also the final resting place of the leading early Italian composer Alessandro Stradella, who was murdered in 1682.

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Chiesa di San Luca

La chiesa di San Luca è un luogo di culto cattolico situato nell’omonima piazza del centro storico di Genova, nel quartiere della Maddalena. La sua comunità parrocchiale fa parte del vicariato “Centro Ovest” dell’arcidiocesi di Genova.

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