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Bar, panificio e paninoteca

Focaccia e Dintorni

Da Tripadvison di Focaccia e Dintorni

Panino Marino

In Genoa, in the heart of the Old Port, it has landed the sandwich that was not there! Follow and enter the world of Marino Sandwich. The culture of fish and many years of experience in the processing of this valuable raw material are the basis of Marino Sandwich.

Piccolo mondo

One of the many ways to spend an evening than by the other. beyond the traditional type games checkers, darts or chess, you can watch the albums of your photos, or try to solve one of the more than forty puzzles. As fulfillment of your patience in solving them will be made you a souvenir photo, which will be made on line and you can see it and download it. Without disturbing the peace of those who have the right to sleep after 23, they are available within the local guitar, flute and other instruments also craft. Il Piccolo Mondo We wish you fun!

Caffè degli Specchi

Pasticceria Liquoreria Marescotti di Cavo

You can summarize the ideas that inspire our business doing the principles of care and hospitality. Our mission is to satisfy the customer through products and outstanding services, prepared with scrupulous attention from the choice of raw materials, during the entire production process up to the delivery to the customer, make sure they are absolutely the best we can express.

Il Masetto

Masetto comes from a particular idea of the hamburger joint: enrich the “food for all” with the highest quality raw materials, applying the traditional dining at Street Food to make it noble and provide quality and value to the food street. It is from here that in 2014 Ettore Masetti, along with his wife Paola and to Andrew and Stephen’s friends, gives life to Masetto.

Cantine Matteotti

Le Delizie Dell’Amico


Sà Pesta

Priano Pasticceria Focacceria