Chi siamo – [ING] | Genoa Tango Marathon

Who we are


Association Tango2x4
The idea is to create new opportunities and places to qualify for the Argentine Tango. Identify this occasion with different places, by prestigious singular and linked to the culture and history of Genoa. A core desire is to create opportunities in the town center. The purpose is also to be able to organize something original, with new people, fresh and young, new ways to communicate events, propose a theme internships formula, corporal laboratories, social Tango etc .. new ways of enjoying the Tango together with friends, to those who still dance but want to pry. New cultural events, together with the Argentinean reality through contacts made and experience gained over the years. The will is linked to innovation, but you want to stay connected with the tradition and culture of the Argentine Tango.


Every year collaborations and aid!

Special thanks to all!!!

Per il 2017 Summer grazie a…

Dear girls, dear boys, here we are. Of course, sorry if it’s not perfect though, and I have to do, they’re slightly better with time.

Comiplane with Dj: Max “Pajaro”, Alessandro Cipolla, Elisabetta Piro, Claudio Coppola, Sergio 

Piscitello, Gaspare Gibaldi, Theo Chatzipetros, John Yingren Tan, Ros Tangodj Capasso, Peppe Di Gennaro (who is not well, we say good wishes) , Fernando de Lutiis, Goran Nikšić. Really incredible music really at the highest level. Thank you.

Staff: Delia Martillo, Delia Martillo, Benito Benny Best Bordonaro, Luca Autiero, Robi Maura (x2), Francesco Maddaluno, Corinna Ferola, Virginia Note, Mimmo Fusco, Valentina Stragapede, Luca Rega, Suphi Tanrıverd, Selene Trevisan, Daniele Donzello. Needless to say, I could not do anything without strength. Thank you.

Family: Federico Filocamo for his driving force and what a huge deal he took. This too must be said. 30 places and you can go wherever you want. Thank you
Thank you dad for keeping up with me all the time and giving me a hand. Thank you mom for preparing the bracelets and having wanted to come but we know it’s not like this for this time. Thank you.

Photo: very beautiful photos and above all have the same. Luca Florenzano and Gian Piero Corbellini. Day.

Up to now additions: Again Federico Filocamo, Pina Ben Ensuenos and Angelo Di Palma for exceptional desserts, Amelia Di Lorenzo for massages, Nadia Collia (for the next).

I would also like to thank Rocco and Davide Canova who have been really exceptional to make me in four days as if it were my home. Thanks also to Milonga Azul because he was calm and he also spent his strength to talk with you. Thank you.

Thanks to: Elena Cappelli, Paolo Monty Cesaretto, Anastasia Di Mitri, Sergio Chiaverini, Francesca Brandi, Irene Trenzas, Beatrice Raveggi, Ilaria Andreoni, MariaGrazia Spinelli, Adornos Di Marcella.

As I said unfortunately my uncle Tano died during the Saturday, and this, unfortunately, my head is somewhere else. This Lantern is for him. Thanks and goodbye, uncle.

I hope not to forget you anything but surely it will be

The biggest addition is for you, just for you it’s still for you. Thanks thanks thanks.

“La Lanterna – Winter” was the first, but there are still many things. Look at (in the beginning of 3 weeks with Tre Caravelle).

I’m not easy to thank you. It’s a very, very beautiful thing, outside and even inside. When so many people I want to write on Facebook and to do so much that even the pictures. I do not know how I can thank you because my life is alive, you too ………..

Follow the Light …

For 2017 Summer thanks to…

Finally I finished. I reall y have to thank. Let’s begin!!!
Let’s start by thanking the Dj of this edition:
Alessandro Cipolla and Max PajaroPlomerodj Grassi, Gaspare Gibaldi, DJane Oxana Kovalenko, Alfredo Maria Mazzone, Giovanni Bossi, Salvatore Bertuccelli, Goran Nikšić, Naok TANGO, Peppe di Gennaro, Radu Tangodj Tanasescu. Incredible music. Very difficult to change …..
Our staff:
Chuasa Selierno, Davide Baldanza, Delia Martillo, Dalia Relli, Federico Filocamo, Francesco Maddaluno, Ivo Ambrosi, Mimmo Fusco, Papo Totoro, Rhodes Maura (2 times), Selena Trevisan.
Gian Piero Corbellini (photo) (, Claudia Vaghestelledellorsa for the Thai Chi, Pina Ben Ensuenos (Naples) lesson for making us enjoy with its sweets, Amelia Di Lorenzo ( Last but not least Federico Filocamo (FedericoNavettaNaveira) for the shuttle service.
MissTacco by Francesca Brandi and Sergio Chiaverini, ElenaT by Elena Cappellii, Maria Malvicini, Leonardo Chellini, Ilaria Andreoni, Maria Grazia Spinelli.
Thanks to my parents and my family (Anna, Vincenzo Filocamo, Federico Filocamo, Elisa) that despite my defects (at least 60% !!!!) love me and hold me in their embrace, how ever … ..
And now the most important part: YOU. Your energy, strength strength, your weakness. You’re really myth. You have the beauty of a milonga and you have accepted it. You want me to give you a weekend. Then to give it to Genoa. Thanks for the staff this year I am (already :-)). You no doubt for me. THANK YOU.
Last for me. I really like this job, but still I still have to equal the others. Well, I still have to thank you: in the week for La Lanterna nobody, no one was so good with you. I am also recognizing English !!!!! For me it is better than anything else. The life. THANK YOU, GARZIE, THANK YOU.
See you for La Lanterna (25-28 Genanio | 30-2 September 2018)! In addition some …. secret !!!!! One site will be a week 😉
Follow the Light …


2017 - Full album on il 2017 Winter grazie a…

Dear all,
I’ve finished!!!!!!! And I miss you all…. Let’s start to thank the winter edition Dj:

Alessandro Cipolla and Max Pajaro, Gaspare Gibaldi, Goran Niksic, Ros Tango Dj Capasso, Salvatore Bertuccelli, Claudio Coppola, Sergio Piscitello, Peppe di Gennaro, Nico Radice, Gianluca Zeccardo … for their music that let us dancing with a lot of energy.
Our staff:
Luca Caridà, Davide Baldanza, Valentina Cappanera, La Vero, Delia Martillo, Robi Maura, Margaux Gargano, Karina Daluda, Luca Autiero, Luca Rega, Domenico Benvenuto, Carlo Feller, Delia Relli, Lorenzo Piscitelli, Demetrio Scafaria, Pasquale Capasso, Sandra Schirren, Irene Trenzas.
Our special Guests:
Tango Paparazzo (Peter Forret e Panni Eszes) (, Gian Piero Corbellini for the pictures; Enrico Masterspritz for the gorgeous Spritz, Pina (Napoli) for her delicious cakes, Cannoli siciliani, Claudia Vaghestelledellorsa for the Thai Chi lesson, Federico Filocamo (FedericoNavettaNaveira) and Gabriele Uccelli for the shuttle service.
The shops:
MissTacco by Francesca Brandi and Sergio Chiaverini, ElenaT by Elena Cappelli, Anan Creation by Anastasia Di Mitri, Maria Grazia Spinelli, Astor Querido by Simone Raucci and Ana Carolina (Cheche Garcia), Turquoise by Lorenza Pascucci.
Particular thanks are due to Irene Trenzas who has helped me with a golden heart. The biggest thank is to my parents and my family (Anna, Vincenzo, Federico, Elisa) that despite my defects (at least 80%) they love me and keep me in their embrace.

Thank to YOU for having danced and given your energy and smiles as well!!!
Really something exaggerated and I would like to dance with you, next time I’ll make it! A double gratitude: the first, for having trusted in me even if I was alone this year; the second, you have endured my imperfect Italian  😀 I will improve, I promise!

See you for the Summer Edition (1-3 September 2017)!!!!!!!!!

Follow the Light…

12593665_10153379865383870_7577484877019119877_oPer il 2016 grazie a…

La Lanterna second edition…What can I say? Where to begin? I have to say that this year the worries about the success of this edition have been soaring sky-high as from December everything seemed to be backstroking. So many difficulties to be solved in such few time! Now I can finally say that I made it through! Better to say… WE made it through, because YOU are the magic of La Lanterna! You…with your smiles, with your embraces, your light heartedness, and your wanting to share!!! Pictures, messages, posts, poems, gifts…you’re giving me a lot of positive feelings and I still don’t know how to thank you. The feel that you went back home carrying with you something very special both warms my heart with joy and makes me think mine has been a good job. What La Lanterna has given has received as well…so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! Emoticon heart
However, before aknowledgments some sorry should be said. I apologize for the wine we served during the first dinner. Unfortunately the wine supposed to be served has never been delivered to the hotel: I couldn’t realize that until the day after as on Friday evening I was completely committed to welcoming people. I also apologize for the few or missing announcements during the marathon, you need to know I’m not that used to public speaking… I promise I’ll work hard on that!
Moreover I’m really sorry about thefts suffered by the vendors (including us) and by people in the hotel. Even if we are not directly responsible, I’m ready to support anybody intending to take any legal actions.
And now the aknowledgments:
I wish to THANK all friends: Annalisa, Delia, Domenico, Elena, Fabio, Gaspare,Giuliano, Irene, Luca,Rino,Robi Maura,Salvatore,Sevinç,Valentina, Veronica, for their support in making possible the impossible and for the caring they showed me :))))
THANKS to the chef AG Tango, Rosa and to people who worked hard in the kitchen, serving and washing up later: Alessandro,Annamaria,Anja, Carlo Iesus Feller, Federica,Luca,Matteo, Pasquale, Ravena.
THANKS to the drivers: Federico and Gabriele …I still ask myself how could you worked it out?!
THANK the photographers: Peter Forret e Eszes Panni, super Tango Paparazzo, always great work!!!!
THANKS to Enrico for having prepared 80 liters of Spritz (a new record!!!).
THANKS to BABBALUCCI: Gabriele Salemme, Fabio Aiovalasit, Stefano Lopes,Vito Petrotta Reyes, Carlo Cannella for the 440 delicious cannoli they made for the marathon!!!!
THANKS also to Max and Ale for the positioning of the parquet and to people helped them to dismantle it so quickly!
THANKS to Elisa and Dafne for the nanny service!
A special THANKS all the Djs of this second edition: Max PajaroPlomerodj Grassi,Alessandro Cipolla,Tuğrul Avcı,Michele Toncelli,Goran Nikšić,Naoko Tango,Tugba Tanören,Claudio Coppola,Ros Tangodj Capasso,Peppe Sagliapign Di Gennaro,Sandro Puliti,Chiara Malena…we were worried about our feet!!! You’ve been AMAZING!!!

A big hug to all of you and remember..
Follow the light or Follow the Gods u will always find us with the smile!!!!!! – con Giovanni


Per il 2015 grazie a…

Valentina Cappanera, Federico Filocamo, Jacopo, Salvatore Bertuccelli e Eleonora Visentin, Domenico Lambiase, Sara Montoli.

Pavimento a cura di Max “Pajaro” e Ale Cipolla. Il pavimento è quello che viene utilizzato per la maratona “La Colegiala“.

Fotografia a cura di Peter Forret e Panni Eszes (Tango Paparazzo), Vincenzo Cerati e Gian Piero Corbellini.

Traduzioni a cura di Veronica De Crignis, Francesca Oddone, Antonella Maria Silvia Tsoukas