Genoa Tango Marathon

Follow the Light…


Follow the Wave…

La Lanterna

Winter | 25-28 January || Summer | 30-2 September



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Lantern is the lighthouse of the merchant port of Genoa and is the symbol of the city.
Many boats have found the right way to enter the harbor thanks to her: an important guide thanks to her light.
The milonga will be in the “Harbor Calling Hall” at the headquarters of the CULMV or the “Single Company of Various Goods Workers”. It is a complex located in front of the famous lantern still used today to carry out trade-related work in particular by the famous “camels”, so called by the Genoese “camalare” because they spend their lives loading and unloading huge quantities of goods.
The room is very large and you can dance comfortably.
There is a bar (in addition to free spaces) attached to the milonga where to rest, chat, take a coffee.

Winter | 25-28 January ||| REGISTRATION FROM 30 SEPTEMBER 2017Summer | 30-2 September ||| REGISTRATION FROM 24 FEBRUARY 2018

Tre Caravelle

La Niña, La Pinta e La Santa Maria



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The caravel (from the Portuguese caravela) was a type of wooden ship, introduced in 1430 by the Portuguese, presumably on the shipyards of Lisbon. It was designed to circumnavigate Africa and reach the East Indies without having to pay taxes to the Ottomans.
In the collective imagination, the “caravels” by far are the three ships with which Cristoforo Colombo reached the Caribbean in 1492: Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria. In fact, the latter was a caracca and not a caravel.


We’ll be in two milonga. One that was church is one that is filled with love. “Holy and profane” as the song by De Andrè. It will be beautiful because it is in the historic center of Genoa. Dj: we find one from Genoa and three from all over Italy.
We can, dancing dancing, arrive to America …

23-25 February | 18-20 May | 12-14 October 2018 ||| Register is already open!


What else can you do...



Genova (Zena), capoluogo dell’omonima città metropolitana e della regione Liguria, centro di un agglomerato urbano di quasi 900.000 abitanti e di una vasta area metropolitana di circa.

Estesa lungo oltre 30 chilometri di costa, Genova è una città che dialoga costantemente con il mare. A poca distanza dal centro cittadino, talvolta solo a pochi passi, è possibile trovare spiagge, calette, scogliere da cui tuffarsi nel blu, potendo scegliere fra angoli magici come il borgo dei pescatori di Boccadasse, eleganti stabilimenti balneari, come ad esempio lungo Corso Italia, o spazi liberi e informali.

Le caratteristiche della costa ligure fanno sì che anche a Genova si tratti soprattutto di spiagge di ciottoli e, per i più avventurosi, di scogliere scoscese, che costano forse un po’ di fatica ma che ripagano con le acque più cristalline e con i fondali più interessanti, a portata di snorkeling.










Thank you thank you (I would never tire of telling you) to all the staff for the fantastic emotions and especially to Giovanni Filocamo that made it possible! See you soon!!

Roberta Guglielmo

My heart is still full of these beautiful moments spent dancing, making new friends and staying in Genoa for the first time. Gillian Klette

Luca AutieroStanco and with so much sleep back, I’m happy to have been part of this event, a heart-made event that has created a really good energy. Luca Autiero

Big event! thanks to John and the team. I enjoyed dancing, hugging, and especially the meeting of so many special people. Hi people nice … Until we meet again 🙂 Mona Moussa